You've had a birthday, shout hooray!

Last Thursday, instead of waking up and thinking of the tragedy that happened seven years ago on 9/11, I thought of my toddlers birthday. It's true, his birthday is September 11th. Don't get me wrong, I did think about that day and those people and all their families that suffered. But mainly I thought about how Squirt turned 4! I still can't believe I have a 4-year-old. We had a pretty fun day, even though we saved most of the fun for Saturday. We were going to spend the morning getting a goldfish because I didn't want to hear all day about presents and cake and presents and cake and presents and cake! But those plans were postponed until today because lately my brain hasn't functioned properly and I had drained the battery on my car (that's the second time in one month! oops!). Eventually some friends of Steve's (thanks Brandon and Travis!) rescued us and jump started my car. But when we got to WalMart they had no common goldfish. I think I was more disappointed than the kids. How does WalMart not have any goldfish?
At least the trip to Rexburg wasn't a total loss. I didn't want to bake a whole cake when there wouldn't be anyone to eat it all, so we went to the Broulim's bakery. They had made the funnest little cupcakes, so we got two (one for Squirt, one for Lucy, and Steve and I finished what they didn't! Yum!).
Outside Broulim's in the famous car carts.
We had pizza for dinner, cupcakes, fully accessorized with candles, for dessert, and then Squirt was allowed to open one present. He opened the one from my brother, Nick, and his family. Look at the pictures to see Squirt's reaction.
Bumble Bee Transformer!
A card from my Grandma. We allowed him to buy his own toy with that money. Now that's a first!
Blowing out his 4 candles.
It was an awesome birthday. I was very pleased, except for the dead battery! But Squirt was very happy to be 4!

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