Let's get this party started!

Saturday we had Squirt's party. We had a ton of fun, with lots of family, presents, sweets, and pirate goodies. It was a great pirate party!

Here's Squirt trying to 'pin the pirate on the X'.
This was Lucy's turn at the game, but she needed a lot of guidance!
Opening a very cool present!
Monster Trucks from Uncle Tim!
He was thrilled to get his first set of Legos ever!!!
We had a treasure hunt to find the best pirate cake!!! Not only was it yummy, but my dad did an awesome job decorating it!

The last item of business was blowing out the candles, making a wish, and passing around that fun, delicious cake!

Be sure to scroll down and see the pictures from his actual birthday too!


Darren and Traci said...

It's so sad that they get big so fast. I can't believe Emmie will be turning 4 in a couple months too. Happy late birthday to Kurtis! That cake looks awesome. I forgot to answer your question a while ago about Emmie and preschool, yes we are doing 2 years of it. She is enrolled in a 2 day a week 3-4 yr preschool this year and next year it will be a 3 day a week 4-5 yr preschool. I didn't know if I wanted to do 2 years but I am so glad that I did and Emmie LOVES it and she is already learning a ton of cool stuff.

Shayla said...

Love that cake! So fun! I love themed birthday parties!!!

Karen said...

Awesome cake. Sorry we missed your party Kurt. We'll come play with you soon!