Hair Cuts and Ear Cuts

Today I cut Squirt's hair to make him look more like a '4-year-old'. That was my excuse to get him to sit still anyway. Apparently my constant nagging prompting wasn't good enough, because I accidently cut his ear. It didn't bleed for long, but that's the first time I've drawn blood while cutting hair. Here's the finished product.

And Lucy didn't get a hair cut, but insisted on getting her picture taken.


Mel said...

You officially have a 4 yr old! Hooray!! And he has the greatest birthday ever, too!

Darren and Traci said...

Poor kid, not only does he have to sit through the cut but also deal with mom's cutting, ear included! ha it looks good though. I have been meaning to take Emmie and Allison to get their hair cut because I do not trust myself at all, they would look butched when I was done. I think that is a cute picture of Kylee

Shayla said...

I say the cut is totally worth it, he looks so cute! I'm really excited to get together... soon?

tiff snedaker said...

Your kids are so cute, love the haircut, they always seem to make them look older. Congrats on your new baby bean! Hope you are feeling ok. GROW BABY GROW!
(Thanks for your comments on my new blog too, I really appreciate it!)