Booby Traps

As we're pulling into church, Squirt notices Steve's hat sitting on the seat next to him. And, of course, he asks,

"Dad, can I use your hat as a booby trap?"

Steve's reply? "As long as you catch me some big ones, son."


Ben KaShan Allysen Briggs said...

That is so hillarious. I know I know I should post more, but something happened to all my friends on my page, all the links came off when I tried to change backgrounds so I have been trying to get them all back.

County fair days were great!! I miss you, and the good ole days!!

Trisha Martin said...

For your sake I hope your kids take after you and not their father!! Besides, Steve wouldn't know what to do with them if Kurtis did catch some for him!

Mel said...

I like that I predicted Steve's answer before I even got that far...haha.

charm said...

That's SO Steve!!! :) Gotta love 'em, right? Well, congrats on the little "bean"-baby. I hope you get through this "icky" phase fast. And March?? That's the PERFECT time to have a baby! If we have another, I'm gonna shoot for that month.