The Toddler Turns Two

How does this:

turn into this:

Well, with a little bit goldfish crackers, caprisuns, bubble baths, numerous Toy Story 3 viewings, no talking (at all) and an over abundance of love, you too could grow one of these cute little guys. But it does take 2 years, many sleepless nights, sweeping up many messes, changing too many diapers with diaper rash, avoiding most wheat products, and goobered up shoulders (but mostly only the left one). Still interested? I didn't think so.

Happy Birthday Max! I love you to Reese's Pieces!


Darren and Traci said...

way to get back into blogging. I sometimes wonder why I keep doing since it's so time consuming but I want things documented with my babies. I really suck at it though.

Your "baby" is not such a baby anymore and is so cute!

Trisha Martin said...

Happy Birthday, Max!! He is such a cutie and I LOVE being on the receiving end of his big hugs and wet kisses:) XOXOXOXO

Kara said...

Happy Birthday Max!