The Princess Party

Rigby High School's spring musical this year was Beauty and the Beast. Before the show they had a "Princess Party" where little girls could show up in their pretty dresses and get their hair and make-up done like a princess. Then you got a picture with Belle and a ticket to the play. We didn't make it back in time for the play, but meeting Belle and some other characters was enough for Lucy!

Max was a real trooper while waiting in line. Well, maybe not, but he sure knew how to cheese it up when the camera was on him!
Here is Lucy's before picture.
Getting her make-up done. It may not look like it, but she was in HEAVEN! She felt so grown up all throughout this process.
Getting her hair done. This girl was such a sweetheart. Lucy's hair had been done in braided pigtails all day and this poor girl sure did her best to cover up the crimped look!
We were supposed to get a picture from them, but like I said we didn't make it back to the show. But this is my picture of Lucy with Belle. All of the characters from the play were so nice and I was really impressed with how well they treated these little princesses.
Post Script: This is the dress that Lucy got for her birthday. It made Lucy feel so pretty and special for this little event.


Karen said...

Oh my princess heaven....I should have gone!

Trisha Martin said...

Do you want me to see if Sue still has the picture of Ky with Belle (AKA Kim)? She is a beautiful princess...glad she could go and have fun!

Grandma Smith said...

Miss. Ky is such a pretty little lady princess. I LOVE that she loves dressing up and wanting to be pretty all the time. She is so beautiful how are we ever going to channel that and keep her out of trouble?