Thanks is Given and Unicorn Farts

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. It was full of yummy food, good company and lots and lots of noise. I didn't take any pictures because our camera has been throwing fits lately and sometimes it almost refuses to work at all. But we had so much fun.

One night we played a game that my parents taught me and I taught Steve's family. My parents called is 10,000. Another name that I heard that caught on at the Smith's house is Farkle. We were telling Jared about the game a little and he said "What's farkle? Is that a unicorn fart?" So over the course of the weekend we tried to describe what a unicorn fart might be like. It made the game just a little more interesting. Just use your imagination like a Smith might! And I'm proud to say even those people who started the game out seeming not all that interested ended up really enjoying the game (at least it appeared that way).

So until next year, I'm thankful for family and unicorn farts and fun times.


Trisha Martin said...

Farkle was a lot of fun. It would have been more fun if the only "farts" we had to worry about were those from unicorns:)! Got to love those Smith boys!

Mark said...

I think a unicorn fart probably looks like Adam Lambert, sparkly, flamboyant and terrifying. It probably sounds pretty similar too.

Thanks for teaching me farkle last year; now I have an excel spreadsheet with all of the odds of each roll and the optimal time to stop rolling.