I'm Only A Little Crazy. I Promise.

I've decided I must be at least a little crazy. I have decided to join some other mothers (and friends from high school) in a "Whittle My Middle" challenge. It's a six week challenge where we work specifically on strengthening our core muscles. If anyone wants more information or is interested in joining the challenge, let me know! Part of the challenge to keep you motivated is posting before, middle and after pictures along with your stats (measurements). I know I have not gone totally over the deep end because I would never inflict that kind of scarring on anyone who didn't want to view it. So I have created a private blog to post these things and other healthy tips/ideas that I've learned along my journey. If you'd like an invitation to my blog and want to support me/join in, get me your email address.

Otherwise, wish me luck!


Darren and Traci said...

me me!!! I want to be a part of your blog add me! haha I'm a little too over excited about this, don't worry I'll make sure to rub off as much excitement as I can on you so you can be super pumped too :)


Mel said...
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Lee and Melody said...

I will wish you good luck! And I will support you!sweetlittlemelody@hotmail.com

I would like to join too, but unfortunately I am more than a little crazy right now, and well...first things first. Once I get my head back on (or pull it off, depending on how things go) I would really like to do something like this.In the meantime, GO ERIN!!!