Pinching Your Pennies is now a little bit easier.

If you want to save some money on your groceries, but don't know where to start with the sales or the coupons or the shopping, don't wonder anymore! Just hop over to pinchingyourpennies.com and plenty of experienced savers will show you the way. Plus there is plenty of other stuff to help save you time or money! Also, you never know where your expertise could help someone else out. Give it a try, you just might find what you've been looking for!

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Motley Family said...

Isn't that site cool. We have a lady in our ward who moderates for them. She gave us a class on couponing and how to make the most of it. Tonight I went to Albertsons and bought 12 12-packs of soda (Some Dr.Pepper and some MT.Dew) for $12!!!! Anyways if I had more time and understood it better I would probably save more money but I still don't understand it all. How are you by the way? I feel so out of touch I have no idea what you are doing anymore or where you even live.