The one thing I learned.

I know there is a huge controversy surrounding Jon & Kate plus 8 and you could learn a lot of things NOT to do from their situation. However, there is one thing I learned while watching older episodes that I will never forget.

When serving pancakes to your kids, cut them up with a pizza cutter! It saves on tons of mess and you can cut 10 times faster (that is, of course, an estimation)!


Delirious said...

I'm bad, I almost was one of those thousands of people who sent emails to tell them that tip. :)

For me, the biggest lesson to be learned is don't be a control freak critical wife. ;)

Shayla said...

Ohhhh don't get me started on Jon & Kate! Srsly.
Great tip though :)

Karen said...

Funny you should post this... I introduce my sis-in-law to my Ulu knife this weekend and was thinking about doing a post on how easy it makes cutting pancakes etc. The Ulu knife seems to have the same affect. I LOVE how super easy it makes cutting things.