It's Bobsled Time!

We decided to start our own family bobsled team. What better way to start training than throw the kids on a sled and send them down a hill? Usually the kids are wimps, but on Saturday they were brave and independent. They both wanted to go down the hill and they both wanted to climb back up the hill...for over a hour! They were totally bundled and the snow wasn't very wet, so they stayed dry and warm. I chose not to go down the hill for baby safety reasons, but still stayed fairly warm until right before we left for hot chocolate and donuts. It was also a lot of fun watching the kids from the singles branch go down the hill and create chains with inner tubes and go over the little jump at the bottom of the hill. We actually crashed/were invited to a regional singles sledding activity. And thanks to Eva's camera we got some fun pictures.

Steve decided to go on the sled once or twice with Squirt.
Squirt had so much fun!
Lucy went down the hill with Grandpa on the inner tube. We only thought she got whiplash, but she was fine. :)
Tyler came too. Steve and Grandpa sent him flying down that hill!
Steve really had a lot of fun with the kids too.

They're ready....
And off they go!

One of Lucy's favorite people is "Papa" Smith. One time coming up the hill Lucy got a ride from her Papa.

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