It's all a little jumbled

First of all, if you'd like a good laugh you need to read what Karen shared with the world. If I didn't write about similar events before, I might be embarrassed. But then again Squirt is my son, and nothing surprises me anymore!

Secondly, I saw the cutest little baby yesterday in 3D. Max didn't give us any good pictures because he was constantly moving and putting his hands in front of his face. That's fine though, we have an awesome video. And thank goodness his head is going the right direction now. I was getting a little worried because I really don't want to have a c-section.

And lastly, if anyone knows of anywhere to rent in Rigby... please let me know!!! We've moved out of our place and are staying with Steve's parents for the month. But we don't want to stay longer then this month. Not that Steve's parents aren't the most generous hosts, but they deserve to have their house to themselves! So if anyone knows of any place available I'd like the info.


Mel said...

you know, tony's moving out of his place this month... hahaha.

I want a 3D ultrasound! That sounds fun! 2 weeks til my big ultrasound and I am excited!!

Val said...

Well I got my good laugh in today from Karens blog. It was so funny I couldn't stop laughing and it made my day.

Ben KaShan Allysen Briggs said...

Well that Kurtis is so funny...I wish we lived closer to each other so our kids would know each other...I get the same sort of interesting comments from my kids and have to remind them that they can't say stuff like that in public, I swear that some day they might understand when they have kids...LOL