I Sorry Momma

I hear this phrase way too often. It's really only Lucy that says it, unless we force Squirt. But she says it with the hopes it will get her out of being in trouble. Like when she unrolls the whole roll of toilet paper and stuffs it in the garbage can (luckily not the toilet). All I have to say is "Lucy..." and I get a prompt response of "I sorry momma." Or when the two of them are running down the hall screaming as loud as they can (which they know they shouldn't), I wait until they're done and calmly (haha) say "please use your inside voices when you're inside. No more screaming inside." There is another prompt response of "I sorry momma." Followed quickly by a hug.

I love that girl. Too bad an I'm sorry and a hug won't solve all of our problems. How nice would that be?

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Grandma Smith said...

What is really great about Miss Ky is that she says I love you momma more often and quicker than I sorry. What a sweetheart I just love her.