The day to remember.

I didn't want much for my birthday. I just wanted the day to be my day. But then the snow happened. Snow for our family means a tired dad and a frustrated me trying to keep the kids quiet. I had some simple plans, nothing elaborate. Not even close. Then those tiny little snowflakes started drifting down from the sky to squash my day! It all worked out though, just a minor/major change of plans. A nice little lunch at the local grocery store's deli, and an afternoon/evening spent with amazing friends. Nothing happened that I had planned, except for the part about spending the day with my wonderful husband (who surprised me with presents. And this time it was actually a surprise!), and my two and half darling children.

The point I am meaning to get across in all my rambling, is that even though the darn snow couldn't wait one measly day, it all turned out okay because my biggest concern was spending the day with my family.

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Mark said...

It snowed because God hates you. Just kidding. Happy Belated Birthday from your A-Hole bro-in-law.