I'm not a Debbie Downer.

I'm just pregnant. Last night I went to go see Twilight with some friends and my sisters (who are also my friends!). I was so excited and it was basically my idea to go last night and not wait a little longer. When we got out of the movie I started listing off things that I didn't like about it and I think the girls might have gotten the idea that I didn't like the movie at all. But I did. I've just found with each pregnancy that I get annoyed by different things at different times that wouldn't normally bother me. I usually just try to ignore whatever it is that's making me cringe, but last night I told them every little thing that bothered me! Sorry girls!

So to be totally honest, I'm glad I went to the movie. I liked it, but I wasn't 100% impressed by it. I still love the story, I'll still read the books again (probably a thousand times), but the way the movie was made wasn't my favorite. Then again, give me a couple months (after baby comes) and maybe I'll love the movie. My recommendation is that if you read the books and loved them or even sort of liked them, go see the movie. Or if someone you love read the books and you never have, go with them to see it. All of the 'reviews' I've heard from people who read the books and loved them have been good reviews, so you probably won't be disappointed.

Anybody else go see it? What did you think?

p.s. Mark, you're not allowed to comment on this post. :)


The Landermans said...

I really liked it, but I drove David a little crazy. I kept leaning over during the movie and saying, "That's not the way it really happened."

Ben KaShan Allysen Briggs said...

I really liked it too...My sister in law and I went and saw it last night. I kept telling her everything that was missing from the books..Sorry Katie...I did like the movie though and hope they will make more. 1 for every book..

charm said...

Yep... we went! And I liked it too. I think anyone who has read the book will agree that it wasn't perfection... but I didn't feel like it was a disappointment at all. I actually can't wait to go see it again! I think now that I know what's on it, I'll enjoy it a lot more! (my sis did)

Melanie said...

movies are never the same as the book. I am trying to think of a movie I liked better than the book. I am going to hold out hope for Marley and Me, but I really don't think the movie will be able to capture a person like the book did - SUCH a good book. Don't worry about Mark, he won't comment...but he just loved the movie!! :o) Kidding, there is no way he would set foot in a Twilight showing, even if he was a vampire! lol