Where's my unicycle?

Another morning conversation with Squirt:
Squirt: "Where's my unicycle?"
Me: "Did you just say unicycle?"
Squirt: "Yes, you know, my toy."
Me: "You don't have a unicycle."
Squirt: " Yes I do, and it has yellow on it."
Of course the fact that it has yellow on it is supposed to make me remember that he has a unicycle and where it is. But he doesn't have one. He's too funny sometimes.
(About the picture: I took this a few weeks ago when Squirt, before eating them, was putting his grapes in his cheeks. Like I said before, too funny.)

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Audrey said...

I is so cute and funny. I was over at Brad and Karen's house last week when they were watching him and he sure can make people laugh. Bret was here and couldn't believe that he was talking,it just made him laugh.