Jefferson Stampede Parade

On Saturday we went to the parade in Rigby and had so much fun! We don't usually get to spend a whole lot of time as a family, but we got to spend the whole day together. Squirt's favorite part was mostly the candy. But his second favorite part would have to be the fire engines.
I think I've been taking a lot of pictures lately because Squirt has started to tell me that he doesn't want any pictures! That's pretty much what he was telling me in the picture below!
The kids got to go on a "train ride" and absolutely loved it!
They got to play (one time) on the bouncy toys. Lucy refused to climb this one wall by herself, so I got go too! Heehee!
And I know we totally spoiled them that day (we might as well somtimes, at least while there are only two!), but they got to get their faces (or an arm if you're Squirt!) painted and have pony rides too.

Even Steve went for a little jaunt. Isn't my husband a hoot?


Shayla said...

Fun! Idaho is looking pretty fun this time of year! We should have a playdate after I get there! Your little ones are so cute!

Karen said...

Oh that Kurtis, such a little man. Too bad Stampede days was the same time as the garage sales it would have been fun to go!

Motley Family said...

It's a lot easier to travel when your husband wants to go too. How are things going? Sold your truck yet? You going to keep the xterra or get a more economical car?

Audrey said...

Sweet ride steven. It is just about your size I think. I sure love the horse.

Wholefamdamly said...

You forgot to tell about trisha's irresposible friends that lost their child 3 times! That would be us! I like hanging out with you guys! Great blog!