If it's not monsters, it's girls.

Until just recently Squirt would wake up multiple times a night saying he was afraid of monsters. We got tired of that and told him we would start taking away toys if he couldn't sleep in his own bed all night. And he did, sleep in his own bed, I mean. But this morning it was a different problem.

Squirt: "I was running away from them and they were chasing me. I was trying to get to my friends."

Me: "Who was chasing you?"

Squirt: "Girls. Girls were chasing me and they were trying to kiss me and they were wearing lipstick. I was running away from them."

All I could do was laugh.


Shayla said...

That is so cute! I hope that my boys fear girls!

Trisha Martin said...

Sounds like a horrible nightmare to me. But, the way he was with Hannah this weekend, I think he's doomed! He secretly loves the thought of girls with lipstick chasing him and trying to smooch him. He's so cute, the girls won't be able to stay away!

jada said...

That is so cute. Kids are too funny. When my kids decided they were afraid of monsters, I just made fun of them that they were afraid of Elmo and Cookie Monster. After all, what other monsters do we know? Their fear stopped in its tracks.

Lee & Melody said...

That is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time! Hopefully that fear-of-girls lasts til he's 25, right? ;)

Karen said...

I may not be wearing lipstick but next time you see me watch out I might try to steal a kiss :)