Thankful Thursday (x2)

Last Thursday was kind of hectic so I didn't get to post for Thankful Thursday. So today, you get two! First off, I am thankful for my amazing husband. I just love him! I love that he is honest, caring, dedicated, loyal, and hilarious! He always knows how to make me smile *even when we're fighting and I'm trying to be mad! Which can be so aggravating!*. And he is an awesome dad. The kids are on his heels the moment he gets home from work until they are going to bed. Even then they beg for him to read them stories *secretly I hope I am a better story reader, but who knows, I'm reading to toddlers!*, which he does.

I am so thankful that I married Steve *who lately I've been calling Steven, weird I know.*. I am thankful for the man he is, and for the person he helps me to be. I love you Steven!

One more thing I'm thankful for is American Idol. I am the type of person who will be loyal to a show and watch it every week. I'll get so caught up in the show that I'll think about it in the middle of the week. But this season I didn't have anything to watch. All the shows that I had been loyal to had ended *not that they weren't good shows, they had just been going for a decade... or close*. So I picked up on American Idol and fell in love with it! I admit I've probably only been so loyal since the person I am a fan of is still in the running, but I like to "judge" the contestants and use that ear for music that I was blessed with and haven't used in a long time! *That was a really long sentence! Sorry...*


Motley Family said...

I tagged you...Go to my blog to get the details! Have Fun!

Motley Family said...

there are pics of my hair in the slide show on my page...I chopped my hair last July and grew it out then decided to cut it shorter than the time before. i think my hair is shorter than yours.