Free Diapers?

What would you do to get free diapers for a year?!? I think the real question is 'what wouldn't you do?' A friend of mine has entered her baby in a cutest baby contest or as they've so cutely named it 'Baby Idol'. This little guy is Mason, he's just over a year old and he's darling! You should vote for him even if you don't know Keri. Common let's support other mom's dreams. And with the cost of diapers *and everything else* constantly rising, anything free is a good thing!

To vote all you have to do is go here. There will be a page full of babies pictures, at the bottom of the page you can enter your favorite babies name *of course Mason will be your favorite*. Type in Mason M and click submit. It's that easy! Now go, vote, and feel good!

Mother of Mason: Keri Motley

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Motley Family said...

THANKS! You are awesome!!! I just found out you have to vote EVERYDAY!!!