8 Things About Lucy:

1. Lucy will be 2 in 10 days. I can't believe my baby is growing up!

2. She is beautiful. Obviously.

3. She will often put on snow pants, a coat, a hat, gloves and boots when we have no where to go. Then she pretends to go bye-bye.

4. Getting her hair done is not one of Lucy's favorite activities. Sometimes she doesn't mind, but other times she will not sit still long enough.

5. She is a messy eater. Obviously.

6. She loves to read books. And she is learning so many new things everyday because of books.

7. She will pose for a picture!

8. Lucy absolutely adores her brother. She is a very girly girl, but because of Squirt she loves so many "boy" things too.


Shayla and CJ Mabey said...

What a doll! Her eyes are amazing! Lucky you, I hope my girl comes soon!

Ksenia said...

She is beautiful!