The Adventures of Steven

This weekend Steve is off having fun with some of his brothers and his dad. And he left me home all by myself. Thank goodness for my mom to come to my rescue and stay with us for the weekend! (Love you mom!)

Now you might be wondering what could be good enough to take Steve away from me? Well, I have one word for you:

Maybe he'll be brave enough to blog about it when he gets back!


Trisha Martin said...

I've decided I kinda like the Nascar Widow thing:) I'm so glad your mom could come. Tell her hi for me. I'm sure the boys will have plenty of stories when they get home!!!

Kimberly said...

That's crazy that you know my cousins! Jay just got married this past December in the Salt Lake Temple and Robin got married in April of 2006 in the Oakland Temple. Jay is living in Logan and Robin is going to school at Western Oregon U in Monmouth. She is majoring in American Sign Language and interpreting. Pretty crazy!