Pretty in Pink

I would like to announce that Lucy is successfully sleeping in a toddler bed. And LOVES it! It makes me so happy when I can put my children in their beds and they just lay down and go to sleep.

I got the bed a few months ago, but she wouldn't sleep in it. Back when I got the toddler bed, I also bought some material that I could make a comforter to fit the bed. Well, I just barely started and finished it yesterday and I am so pleased with the way it turned out! So I just had to show it off!


Trisha Martin said...

Cute!!! You're way talented. This totally looks like a Kylie bed:)!

Aub said...

I love the colors and patterns of the material. You're so talented!

jamieschip said...

Wow! That comforter is amazing. I wouldn't even know how to start something like that. Great job!