Snow Day!!!

It snowed today! And of course I need more snow clothes for the kids. I would say in the snow clothes we have now they might be each half covered. Lucy got Squirt's snowpants and coat from last year, but his boots still fit him! So my kids look pretty sad one without boots, one without snowpants. But they still had so much fun playing in the snow.
Squirt mainly just walked around and said he was making boots all over the place.

And Lucy wouldn't look at me long enough to snap a picture. She was having too much fun.

Right before we went inside, Squirt started throwing snow "balls". Which really were just snow chunks. I'm just glad that Squirt wasn't afraid to be cold and wet! If any of you really know Squirt you would know that he is kind of a wuss.

Yay for snow!


Anonymous said...

Holy Moley! I miss Idaho! I love those pictures in the snow. Boston thought they looked like lots of fun! Have fun!

Aub said...

How fun! Riley heard that there was snow in Sacramento and begged to go. We already had plans but promised to take him when there's more snow. We'll see how he does.