It's better than doing laundry...

This is for you.

I know I don't update very often but I just feel like nothing I have to say is interesting enough. Like people might freeze up in front of the computer from boredom when reading what I had to say and never move again. And their loved ones will find them there and I will be held responsible... That's why I don't write. :)

So if you suddenly feel bored, please get up and walk away. But I'd like to fill you all in on what I've been doing with any extra time that I might get. First of all I've been catching up on the 1st season of 30 Rock because I told Melanie I'd watch the second season, but I hadn't watched any of the first! Luckily all of the episodes are on the NBC website. I think I still have 8 episodes to watch today so I can be all caught up for the premiere tonight. Don't say I've never done anything for you Mel! So far I've liked it and hated it and liked it again. It was a tough comedy to get into, but now (about half way through the first season) I find myself laughing at the jokes and the characters. I think the second season will be even better.

Secondly, I've been scrapbooking with the hopes of selling my pages on eBay. I've made a couple of different layouts.


Disneyland (which just sold yesterday and I need to ship it today!)

And I've just about finished a Halloween layout. I need to add a few more things and it will be done.

I have to share one of my favorite parts of this page. I love the tags. I made two tags that you could journal on both sides and I loved the way they turned out.

I hope this is good for now Mel!


Melanie said...

It will do! Of course it's good! Blogs are about anything, something, or nothing - whatever. The pages are awesome, I am sure they will all sell very quickly!! As for 30 Rock, we felt the same way, it took a few episodes for us to really get into it, but it consistently gets funnier. If you have not yet watced the Prince of Austria (I think it is Autria) you are in for a treat, by far my fave episode! We are excited for tonight - Everyone watch 30 ROCK!

Aub said...

Great pages! I love your posts....it's always great to hear what's new with your fam.

Anonymous said...

I love your pages! I sure wish that I had some of that crafty blood in my veins! I hope that you do well selling them. One day when I have money, maybe I will just hire you to scrapbook my kids lives since It definately won't get done by me. I really love your disney world ones. You should make me a really good fall one with pics of changing leaves and good Idaho fall pictures. It is this time of year that I miss Idaho the most. We love you guys!