I was somewhere between the ages of 7 and 9 (I think?), and it was summer. We were going swimming at the neighborhood pool (which we did almost everyday). I ran out the door to hop in the car. I don't know exactly why we drove to the pool when it was right down the street. Probably because my mom didn't want to deal with 3 tired, wet and cranky kids who didn't want to walk home! Anyway, we weren't walking to the pool so who needed shoes or sandals? Not me! After the drive that took all of 1 minute, I hopped out of the car and raced my brothers to the door, where we would have to wait for mom to unlock the doors for us anyway (Why were we racing?). But halfway through the grass I felt a sharp pain in my foot, picked it up and brushed away what I would later realize to be a bee stinger. Don't ask me to remember what it felt like though, it's been too long for that. But I do remember that I didn't get to go swimming until the last couple minutes we were there, because it was my first time I had ever been stung and my mom wanted to make sure I wasn't allergic.

Today, however, I was reminded of the feeling. Walking across the grass (in my flip flops because it's warm today!) A wasp (I think) got stuck in between my toe and my sandal. I walked, no hobbled, into the house where I learned that I have the BEST little doctor! As tears fell down my cheeks, Squirt asked me if I was okay and asked if I wanted to watch a movie. So sweet!!! So I sat down to check out my battle wounds and he covered me up with a blanket and turned on the tv for me.

I don't like being in pain or sick because I am a stay-at-home-mom, my job never ends. So even if I am hurt, I can't "take it easy". Luckily though, I do have two great kids that love to help and great husband who will be a huge help when he gets home!

The moral of the story is, Don't get stung by bees or bit by wasps. It hurts. :)

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Aub said...

Don't you love those special moments?