He's no Bob, but he'll Drew!

As many of you know, I'm huge The Price is Right fan. I even went to show last season (unfortunately, I didn't win anything. :( I didn't even make it on stage.)

But I have watched the show for my whole life. I'm one of those people who would've liked to go on my 18th birthday. I know it sounds a little pathetic, but it's something I've enjoyed my whole life. So Bob Barker being the host was just the way it was. His retirement was the whole reason my family went to the show last season. And now Drew Carey is the new host. At first as I watched him, I wasn't sure what to think. He's not Bob Barker, by any means. But I'm guessing when CBS offered him the job, they probably told him not to try to be Bob, but to be Drew. People like Drew, I'm just still not sure wether or not I like Drew in Bob's shoes.
So if you've watched, let me know what you think!


Melanie said...

I used to watch during my spare in high school with a friend..no one will replace Bob, but Bob was a little creepy sometimes. Perhaps they thought Drew would be least likely to cause harrassment issues with the "Beauties"? I think Drew will do well, he needs a little time to get into the swing of things. I haven't seen a show yet, but I like him on his Power of 10 show.

Motley Family said...

I watched it today...VERY different. Not sure if I like it yet. People in the contestant row kept calling Drew Bob today. It was a little funny.