Farewell Old Friend

After my well deserved scolding I finally decided to post an updated blog. (Thanks Melanie!)

This blog is in memory of an old friend we said goodbye to today. The Pacifier. It was a tough parting, but after a lot of crying, Lucy seems to be taking it very well. :) Okay seriously people, I was sick of it! She had to have the thing everywhere she went or she would scream. So I made up my mind and I threw it in the garbage. We're done with it and since it was such a good friend to Lucy for so long, I thought I should give it some sort of memorial. So here are some fond memories of Lucy and the Paci.

And so dear friend, we bid you adieu!


Jared Smith said...

We struggled with weaning Abbie from the pacifier also. Then one day we simply told her that she could have a sucker if she threw it away. Apparently she had a cheap price because she didn't even hesitate to throw it away. She quickly realized she had sold out, but only complained a few times about not having it.

Trisha said...

Congrats!! It will be weird not seeing the pacifier in Kylee's mouth! We had to do the same thing with Kaden. I threw it in the garbage and he told it bye-bye. Boy was he surprised to find out that the binky didn't re-appear from the garbage! It's a few days of whining, but definitely worth it!

Melanie said...

Glad to see you respond so well to a light scolding! I think you could have let her keep the pacifier - what would be the harm? So she's 25, in school and whips it out during an exam.. it helps calm her, right? lol :o)

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I have a friend out here who's little one is three and still constantly has one in her mouth. They have taken it away a ton of times but the girls mother is not a very strict mom and always gives in when she asks for one. Kylee will do much better. We miss you guys sooooooo much!