And Many More!

As some of you might know, Squirt had a birthday recently. On September 11th he finally turned 3! He was so excited that it was his birthday. He was riled up all day! He got some awesome presents from all of his grandparents and since he's gotten them he hasn't stopped playing with them. First of all in the morning he got an extra super cape. Now he can be batman or superman without having to hold his blanket around his neck! Look it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Squirt "flying" through the living room!

And of course Superman drives tractors and pulls trailers all day long!

Then he got some awesome tools that he has been wanting for a very long time. He has been "fixing" everything ever since.

Check out the cool tool belt!
Along with his tool set and tool box, he got this "electric" drill that talks once the blade stops moving. Thanks Grandma... (if you could hear me, you would hear the sarcasm.)

Of course the first thing he tried to saw was my kitchen table!

And I had to test my artistic abilities on his cake. At first when coloring the frosting I tried to make it red and then I realized it would take A LOT of red food coloring to color that much frosting. So instead of pink we made it orange. Orange is much cooler then pink. ;)

He was thrilled to blow out the candles and see those pajamas he's wearing? He got those from a grandma too!
And last but not least we got Squirt something that he has been earning for a very long time! He finally earned enough stickers to get his bike. He was so excited to finally to go to the store and actually get to take his bike home. This might not seem like such a big deal if you don't know how he earned the stickers but to us it is a very big deal. He is finally 99.9% potty trained! That .1% is nighttimes where we haven't been so brave to try yet!
I haven't yet gotten a picture of him on his bike so I "borrowed" this picture and this is exactly what his bike looks like. He's still learning to ride it.

Anyway, thanks to all the grandparents who gave him such cool presents! He loves them no matter how much noise they make! :)
And thank you to all the friends and family that called to say Happy Birthday to Squirt. He loved telling everyone that he was 3!
Love you all!


Anonymous said...

He is so dang cute! What a fun age! Have fun with the toys that make noise, they just get louder as the boys get older:). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KURTIS!


Melanie said...

You have to know that since he has a cape now, and is a Smith boy... he'll be jumping off some sort of step or stairway or something thinking he'll fly!! Looks like it was a fun birthday!! Happy Birthday Kurtis!