We build 'em tough.

The day after Max's birthday we found out exactly how tough our little man can be. And just how badly he can scare his parents! We were trying to get everybody ready to head out the door and between all the hustle and bustle the gate at the top of the stairs was left open. When I first saw Max he was on the second stair down (he doesn't do stairs yet) and by the time I got to the stairs I watched him fall off the edge of the open staircase about 5 feet down to the basement floor. And land on his head. Luckily the basement floor is carpeted and that cushioned his fall a little. And luckily he was protected by our Heavenly Father that night. Because of the way he landed and how far he fell we decided to take him into the ER, just in case. It was rough keeping him awake the whole way to Rexburg because it was already past his bedtime and he was traumatized from falling. But we made it there and it happened to be a slow night in the ER. They examined him, did a CT and everything looked fine. We were able to take him home and watch him through the night. The next morning he woke up acting normal and the small rug burn he had on his forehead from landing was almost completely healed. Otherwise, there was no indication he was hurt at all, no bruises or scrapes. Nothing.

I'm not sure why we were so blessed that night, there could have been a lot worse consequences. But little Max was tough through it all and I'm so grateful for that.

All I remember feeling that night is well, extreme guilt because I'm the mom and it's my job to protect my children. But the thought I had was that I haven't had enough of him yet. And I hope that feeling never goes away. I can never get enough of my children.


Delirious said...

One time our baby was in an umbrella stroller, and we were in a restaurant in China town. My husband was looking in the dessert case, and let go of the stroller. We didn't notice that the floor of the restaurant was slanted. The stroller rolled out the front door and down the steps, where my son his is chin. I still feel like a horrible mother because of that!

Shayla said...

Wow what a blessing! So happy that he was okay!!
Love the catching up! We're not really planning a trip up there anytime soon, but when we do come, it will be so fun to see you and your sweet kiddos again! ♥

Grandma Smith said...

I don't call him "Tuff NUT" for the fun of it. He has earned that name. Still so thankful he was alright and got by with just the little bump.