I'm tired, but it was totally worth it!

Last year at this time I started to use coupons to see what kind of deals I could get and I did pretty well on building up a small food storage. But this year I have a house and I have some more room to store food. So I started couponing again, along with my mom. So we've been working together long distance to find the best deals. This week I went with Kara to Albertson's for their Post cereal sale and saved a TON. I've posted some pictures below of what I got.

This first picture is what the kids decided to do with my first load of cereal. They were so proud of themselves. Soon after the boxes became dominoes and even Steve got in on the fun! :)

This was from my first trip to the store. They were out of the other cereals on the sale but were planning on getting a shipment in today. So Kara and I went back early this morning and totally scored thanks to Kara's preparation.

This is what I brought home after the second trip. Seriously, I'm going to need a bigger house. :) Or maybe just more creative ways to store all this. And I thought I was past all that creative food storage when I bought a house and moved out of apartments!

All together I got:
  • 52 boxes of Post Cereal (some not pictured)
  • 25 boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
  • 8 regular sized candy bars (not pictured)
  • 8 tubs of Dreyer's ice cream (some not pictured)
  • 3 4-packs of Albertson's brand toilet paper
  • 1 pack Orbit gum (not pictured)
  • 1 box Dreyer's Fruit Bars (not pictured)

The grand totals from both days:

Total saved: $303.52

Total spent: $35.65

That total spent is not including $10 that I have off my next purchase though. But I can handle that. Totally worth the getting up early to get there and the two trips to Rexburg.


Grandma Smith said...

Very cool you guys did amazing! I wish I would have had these opportunities when I was feeling the whole herd. You should show Kurtis the video on Heather Wolfleys blog the one with the dominoes. He would love it and I can almost see the wheels turning in his head.


I'm really impressed!! You need to teach Charm and I how to coupon...We've been wanting to but don't know how. :)

Kara said...

We had a ton of fun! You forgot the burritos!

Karen said...

Sweet....literally a fort out of cereal...tasty indeed! Looks like I need to head to Albertsons!!!

Sarah, Dallin, and Emilyn said...

So what did you use to get all the deals...you got to fill me in so I can try it.

charm said...

man oh man! Like Tiff said, we have GOT to get in on this couponing thing. I was so sad, cuz Devin kept telling me I HAD to go get cereal from Albertson's... and I was a day late! :(

Tiffany said...

Okay I want to know what the secret is because I clip coupons and save like, $1.00 off each box and I am happy. Are Idaho's coupons different from Wisconsin's or something? Does Albertson's run crazy cereal sales?! You should make your next post a how-to on how you did this. Thanks!