A Princess One

Edit: Pictures weren't loading on Saturday when I was working on this, so there will be more posts with big announcements soon!

While I'm waiting for my scheduled time to go to the hospital to be induced (4 days overdue), I thought I should post about Lucy's 3rd birthday before my hands are full of baby and toddler!

Any time anyone would ask Lucy what she wanted for her birthday she would answer with "a princess one". A princess what? You know it really didn't matter, a princess anything. Or really, anything pink and girly. Lucy also has the privilege of sharing her birthday with an awesome cousin who is 4 years older and a boy, but he was still willing to share his party with Lucy! Thanks Connor, you're the greatest! For their joint party, we all went over to the Martin's house, had pizza for lunch, opened presents and had some yummy, pink or illiterate birthday cake. It was great to spend the day with family, Lucy got some fun "a princess one" presents, Connor had us all laughing, and my baby became a big girl!

After a nice, cold 4-wheeler ride we had lunch before the party.

She got a princess dress-up dress.

Grandma Smith gave her this cute springy dress with a matching one for her doll!

Clearly the kid doesn't need more sugar, but I couldn't resist! Love you Conn!

Another present was a Belle Tea Set. She played with it as soon as it was opened and it's been out everyday since then!

Lucy's Pink Princess Cake (amazing decorations are thanks to Steve and myself!)

Connor's Illiterate Ice Cream Cake

Blowing out the candles!



♥jada said...

We keep checking back to see if you've had your baby. . .When are you being induced? Make sure you let us know. We want to bring you dinner.:) Good luck with everything.

Karen said...

Yeah we're glad you have a good birthday! Can't believe you're three already!!!

Lee and Melody said...

Happy Birthday, Ky!
When I was in high school, I worked at a french pastry shop and when we sold a cake, we had to write the message ourselves. It was my greatest fear to accidentally write "happy bithday," so I was way overcautious about it. That picture made me laugh out loud!