It's here at last!

And no, I don't mean the baby. I decided he's never coming out. Or at least not until we actually get some better weather! Darn snow... But I have finally made the time to post some Rascal Flatts concert pictures.

First off, getting there was quite the experience as we drove through some terrible weather and almost died five times. Okay, we were never really close to dying, but there were some crazy times! At least I had good company. Then somehow Aaron, who had taken Kara for her birthday (the reason she's not in the picture, she was with her hubby!), somehow managed to trade our seriously nose-bleed tickets for floor tickets. It was so exciting! But because I was 8 months pregnant, standing the whole time was not an option. That's where my usher comes in. He was so sweet and anytime I sat down in the chair near him he wanted to make sure I was okay. Really, he probably wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be a liability! :) But when I was standing up we were so close that most everybody in our group got to touch the singer's hands when they came our way (I decided it was safer to stay out of the hustle and bustle!). In fact in one picture you can see just how close Trisha got. And just so you know there's no zoom in use in most of those pictures. There's one that you can see exactly what I saw when I looked up. And I thought it was hilarious that his jeans had little embellishments!

I had such a great time at the concert and I'm so glad I went, but I can guarantee I wouldn't have had as much fun if I'd gone with other people. Thanks girls (and Aaron!) for making it so much fun for me and for taking care of my pregnant-ness the whole time!

Love you all! Mwah!


Trisha Martin said...

Oh come on Erin, I only about killed us once or twice:) It was a blast! We need to do it again. I'm thinking Chippendales next time. Do you think Aaron will come and get us front row tickets again?

Mama Corleone said...

You're making me jealous! Not because I wanted to go (although that would have been great) but because I really want a pair of bedazzled jeans! Lucky!

Shayla said...

Ahh, SOoO fun!!! What a great last fling while you only have 2 kids :)

Aub said...

So so lucky! What a great memory and I love the shot of the "Bedazzled" jeans.