Catch of the Day

Squirt caught his first fish! Well really he just reeled it in. But he was so excited. It's kind of hard to tell from the picture that he was really truly excited (if you know Squirt you know how excited he can get), but he was freezing cold and just wanted to go inside! Yay for my little boy who is growing up so fast (too fast)!

Thanks to the Dials for supplying the pond and the fish! :)


Lee and Melody said...

Wow, Kurtis! That is a big fish! Good job. Give your Mom a hug for me!

Trisha Martin said...

Good Job Kurtis. Maybe you can teach Uncle Bob how to fish. I love you buddy!

Shayla said...

How fun!!! I've been wanting to go fishing all year, I'm sure my boys are much too young to catch their first fishes though. So, I agree, we should totally get together, next week? I'll be giving you call soon:)