Scorpions in Idaho?

Not quite, but close. Last night after I did the dishes, I noticed this disgusting little creature on my counter top. I didn't actually take this picture, but it looked exactly like this. At first I thought it looked a little crab-like. Wondering how in the world a crab could live in Idaho, I googled it. I'll save you the trouble. It's called a pseudoscorpion. Or you can find more here. Turns out we didn't need to kill it. It isn't harmful to humans, only other bugs. And they're very rare, but are hitchhiking bugs. They can hitchhike on flies (and other bugs), which we have a lot of because of the hot weather.

We also have a lot of earwigs. They totally creep me out. If I find them, they don't live long.

I am not a bug person at all, any advice for getting rid of earwigs?


Trisha Martin said...

Mush 'em! Always works for me:)

Karen said...

That bug is totally cool looking. I have to say I've never seen one like that in Idaho before!

Anonymous said...

I don't have any advice for earwigs, cause we don't get them here, but I have found that ant and roach traps seem to get all other creepy crawly things at the same time, so maybe you can try those. Good luck!

Shayla said...

This title scared me to death... the only reason I was happy about moving from Arizona was to get away from all the scorpions! I'm glad that I read the post or else I'd be outta here :) Lets get together when I get back... 3rd week in September work for you??