Has is it really been a month?

I have felt really busy lately, but I honestly didn't think a month had gone by. We have been crazy and I'm hoping it's going to settle down soon. As far as I've heard though, it never settles down! Life is always crazy.

Since my last post we have gone to a 10 year high school reunion (and if you think it was mine, you're toast!), had family in town (A LOT, just the way we like it!), celebrated the 4th, had a Smith Family reunion (and it was a blast!), had family in town (again), celebrated our 5th anniversary, found out we were moving, had a Godfrey family reunion, packed, had family in town (still... :), moved, and cleaned our old place. That basically catches you up to today. We just moved our stuff over yesterday and finished cleaning the old place today. We're thinking of going into the moving business. We do it often enough, we're basically pros! But in case you're wondering where we ended up, we're in Rigby again! WOOHOO!!! It's about time right?

Pictures will have to wait a couple days, but I promise there will be pictures! And stay tuned for more Smith family adventures. I guarantee there are more in our future!

ps- Happy Anniversary Blog! This past year has been great, and you've helped me learn so much in the blogging world. Where would I be without you!?! Probably a lot more organized with a clean house, clean kids, hot dinner, and a lot more free time!!! Happy Blogging!


Motley Family said...

It seems that life doesn't ever slow down.

Karen said...

Thanks for letting us know you were moving it sure makes it easy to come help:)

Lee & Melody said...

We're glad you survived another move! You have had a very busy month, but I think you're right about life never really settling down. Maybe when we're old...like our husbands... :)

Mark said...

I'm curious about this "zombie yogurt" incident, and with your comment on Trisha's blog, I think something might be up. Did you use the term yogurt in a slang type of way?

Trisha Martin said...

Mark, you are sooo out of the loop to the whole yogurt slang thing!:) Erin will have to update you.