It's All Okay Now

Don't worry everyone (your concern was overwhelming in the measly 2 comments I received in the past week. Thanks Trish and Kara!). Everything turned out just fine. It was sort of like a widow zombie yogurt incident. And clearly I don't remember it all very well because, well, I was the zombie. And the yogurt was all too traumatizing so I don't really want to remember that. However, like I said, everything worked out. Of course I am a zombie again today, but we're planning on no, I repeat NO yogurt today.


Anonymous said...

Holy Moley! What happened? I am pretty sure I have never heard of a widow zombie yogurt incident before. Glad everything is okay now. See ya in a couple days!

Kara said...

Glad everything worked out! I think that being a widow is the best thing ever and sleep is overrated, so....those two things together make for a good day!!!

Lee & Melody said...

I'm glad things are ok now. Did I ever tell you about the zombie widow dog-poop-in-the-kitchen incident? There's nothing quite like working nights... :)