We are moving in a couple days into a townhome. No, we're not buying it, we'll still be renters. But it is so great, we are so excited. I wanted to share a few pictures of the inside before we fill it with all our stuff. Once we get unpacked we would love to have visitors!

This is my favorite part! The KITCHEN!!!

Here is the vanity in the upstairs bathroom.

This one is Lucy's room. It's the bigger of the kid's rooms. But the kids don't really think about size and Squirt practically demanded that he get the smaller room!

We can't wait to move!!!


Karen said...

I love your kitchen too! It's BEAUTIFUL!! We will definately come visit.

Motley Family said...

How soon will you be moved in? I will try and come visit soon.

Erin said...

We're hoping to be completely moved in by friday. Unpacking will be a different story!

Trisha Martin said...

Congrats! It's beautiful. We'll be up to visit:)

Shayla and CJ Mabey said...

Cute! Is that in Rexburg? We may possibly be moving up there soon (June) but more in Idaho Falls where my CJ is from... what is the property called? Hook me up with some info! Glad you guys are doing great!

Aub said...

How exciting! I always love looking at new homes and imagining how I would decorate.