Snow, Tires, And More Snow

We had a white Christmas in 2007. In fact, we had a white two weeks. It snowed for practically two weeks straight. It wasn't really lots of snow or big flakes. But it snowed enough that Steve plowed almost full time for that two weeks. The snow can be so pretty, except when it's been around for awhile and just looks dirty. But I hate snow on the roads. Especially with bald tires. Last winter the tires on our Xterra were decent, it wasn't hard to drive on the slick roads. But this year anytime I went anywhere I was all over the road.

That is until I got new tires! Now I'm not really afraid to go anywhere. It's great not to feel trapped at home. I think I might be afraid to drive on dry roads when all the students come back to school though! :)

It's supposed to snow again this weekend. But for now we're going to enjoy our sunshine!

And just because it's been awhile, here's a few pictures of the kids. (Just for you Mark!)

Happy New Year!!!


Aub said...

I would be scared to drive on bald tires too. Glad that you got new ones and that you and your family are safe and sound in 2008!

number6 said...

We enjoyed getting together through the holidays!! The kids had so much fun together. Can you email me the pictures of the kids!
Thanks Kara

Shayla said...

I wish we would have had a white Christmas! Lucky! Your kids are adorable! So glad we can keep in touch!

Aub said...

I love the new look of your blog