Party Time!

We went to one party this Halloween at our friends Lee and Melody's house. It was a blast. There were friends and good food there, what else could you ask for? :)

Squirt ate so much candy his face wasn't clean the whole time!

Lucy's favortite thing to do was play "spooky" songs on the piano!

And this is a picture of all of our costumes. Squirt was a Frankenstein, Lucy was Eeyore, Steve was a redneck, and I was a motocross rider.


Karen Wilding said...

Steve was dressed up? I didn't notice. hehe

Aub said...

Great costumes!

M-GEMBlaisdell said...

OOOHHH, I get it now! At first I thought Kurtis was a bee, and I was wondering why a bee would have a leafy green head (duh). He made a very cute Frankenstein.

Great costumes! I love how you all get into it too.

Erin said...

That's funny you should say that because he thought he was a bee too!