"Wii"ldings Would Like To Play

Last weekend we had a lot of fun with our friends the Wildings and the Andersons. We got to borrow Eva's Wii and all enjoyed some wii sports. We love to get together with our friends anyway because we always have fun, and this wasn't any different.

Besides playing the wii, the kids got to ride on "wild" zebras...

...and play in giant forts (ala Brad). It wasn't really a big fort, but when you look at it as a cardboard box, it's pretty big. Karen got a treadmill recently and as Brad got ready to cut the box into pieces to throw away, he got an idea. So for now, they have a fort for the kids, myself, and anybody else with a little imagination to play in fully equipped with a large window, small window, a door with a handle and another small window.

Our typical weekend, is typically fun!


Melanie said...

next time we're out there Mark will be ready to take everyone on in the sports. I got him one for his birthday so he has been polishing up his skills!!
As for the waiting...I'm waiting too...for something halfway interesting to blog about! I'll try to think of something this weekend. Is it possible I've lost the will to blog?!

Aub said...

The Wii is so much fun....and a workout. That fort is awesome!

Stephen and Katherine Heggie said...

I miss the wii! I also miss your cute kids! Wish that we could be there. Boston would love that fort.