Summer Update

Since I didn't start posting until July, I thought I would update you on what we've been doing the first half of summer! And the best part... There's Pictures!!!

We've taken the kids to the spray park a couple of times to "swim" and play in the water. Oh yes, and sleep at the spray park!

We've gone fishing a few times too. We just barely got Squirt his own fishing pole. I'm sure soon there'll be more pictures of fishing!

And when Grandpa and Grandma Smith put in their sprinkler system we made the kids put in a little manual labor too!

Last weekend we went camping with some friends and it was a lot of fun! The kids did a lot better then I thought they would. Lucy's only issue was she gets woken up by the sound of a zipper. Which isn't too convenient when you're sleeping in a tent! But she sure didn't mind walking into the lake with her shoes on...

And Squirt LOVED camping. When we were packing up to go home he told us he wanted to be camping and not go home! Too bad for him, I was ready for a warm shower and a nap!

Oh and I almost forgot the BEST part (for me anyway), I caught my first fish ever!!! I didn't touch it, I had Steve unhook it and send it back home. :) I'm a wimp.

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